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The Decade's Top 10 Crazy Things That Didn't Get Built

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Our end-of-decade retrospective has already included a list of the city's best architectural additions (as well as some close calls) and an examination of the 20 biggest residential real estate deals. Now for something completely different: complete failure! The building boom changed the city skyline forever, but plenty of projects never got off the ground. We ranked our favorite cold cases, the emphasis being on the craziest of the crazy. The stuff that's hard to imagine existing anywhere but on paper. All of the projects were expected to be completed this decade or at least well on their way. All, whether the parties involved admit it or not, are kaput in their current form. Disagree with our rankings? Hate that we left something out? Make yourself heard in the comments. Now on to the fun!

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Hudson Yards

, Manhattan, NY 10001