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More New Yorkers Show Off Impossibly Tiny Apartments

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The 175-square-foot studio on the Upper West Side that the New York Post deemed the smallest in New York City no longer seems so tiny in comparison to the places profiled in a Post follow-up piece. Three Manhattan studio renters compete for smallest apartment bragging rights. One lives in a 55-square-foot place in Hell's Kitchen (compare: "just one square foot larger than a Rikers Island jail cell") that rents for about $800 a month, the second has a 90-square-foot pad on the Upper West Side for a little more than $700 a month, and the third lives in a 105-square-foot apartment in Greenwich Village for $780 per month. All three renters have to make sacrifices. The Hell's Kitchen resident can't fit over his sink, the Upper West Sider has to sit sideways on the toilet, and the Greenwich Village resident does her dishes in the shower because the kitchen sink is too small. Claustrophobics are advised not to look at the slideshow.
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