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Signs of Rebirth at Stalled Renwick Street Site

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There are new inklings of life at the long-stalled 2 Renwick Street site, down on the southern edge of Hudson Square. This through-block lot at the corner of Canal Street was one of a trio of big plans on formerly anonymous Renwick, back when sales were soaring and this stretch was being touted as the top turf in town. But at #2, after the old buildings were knocked down (and a few others propped up) this scheme from Ponte Equities and Kossar + Garry Architects went cold and nature took over.

Another glitzy condo planned across the street at 15 Renwick also ground to a halt, leaving only No. 22 Renwick from Philip Johnson-Alan Ritchie Architects to rise on the block. But the Department of Buildings now shows that this 11-story 65-unit plan has been given a permit. Signs at the site reveal that a new construction manager is on board and another permit, to install Shoring along the lot line, is also on display. Perhaps in anticipation of impending sales a courageous camper was recently spotted outside the site, which is either a reminder of these troubled times or an indication of better days ahead.
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2 Renwick

2 Renwick Street, New York, NY