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New Chinatown Hotel Gets a Name and a Controversy

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A new hotel at 52 Mulberry Street in Chinatown that had us mystified now has a name: the Hotel Mulberry. But more has come to light, specifically an alleged fraud regarding the lot at 46 Mulberry Street, which was combined with other zoning lots to help this finger building rise above its neighbors. According to an affidavit in Department of Finance files (we read them to help with our insomnia), one Kong Wong signed over the deed despite not being an authorized rep of the owner of the property. While that messy business gets sorted out, more news: Since our last report the project has grown from 12 to 13 stories, and it seems the hotel will have 30 guest rooms rising over Columbus Park. There are still 29 outstanding requirements before the hotel's certificate of occupancy is granted, which might explain why the Hotel Mulberry remains under the radar.
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Hotel Mulberry

52 Mulberry Street, New York, NY