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One York Sales Team Chases Foreign Buyers All the Way Home

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Last time we checked on starchitect Enrique Norten's One York, the penthouse had just seen a drastic PriceUpper to $34 million from a tamer $25 million. The penthouse has since failed to find a buyer (shocker!), and now the sales team is trying a new strategy (perhaps taking a page from another Norten project?): digging a hole to China. A tipster forwarded a recent article from the South China Morning Post with the news that One York's brokers have traveled to Shanghai and Beijing to chat up potential buyers. They even -- here's the biggie -- have hopes of one taking that $34 million penthouse.
The South China Morning Post names one other building that's attracting some interest from Chinese buyers: Manhattan House, where the sales team "is planning a roadshow to key cities on the mainland to help shift their allocations." But between the two, the article paints One York as the pretty clear winner, mostly because of the parking garage.
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One York

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