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Spying on the WTC Rebuilding, One Kenmare's Couple in Contract

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FIDI?In an effort to prove to the public that the Freedom Tower 1 World Trade Center is actually rising, the Port Authority has gone live with Flickr and YouTube pages for progress updates. The above photo comes from the PA's batch of photos shot December 10th, and shows ironworkers on the fifth floor of 1 WTC. [CurbedWire Inbox]

SOHO?We spent a bit of time last month delving into the PriceChops on a pair of sixth-floor units at wavy One Kenmare Square, owned by the same buyer. Now, both have gone into contract. The most recent asking prices were $1.575M for #6A and $1.175M for #6B. We'll keep an eye out to see how much they sold for. [CurbedWire Staff]

One Kenmare Square

210 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012