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The Retail Leasing Market's Woe is the Slurpee Fan's Joy

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By the time you read this, another empty storefront will have been snapped up by 7-Eleven. Falling commercial rents have enabled the Slurpee jockeys to go wild with their Manhattan expansion plan, which is now targeting 100 new stores in the next five years (up from six), and this convenience war will have casualties. The Commercial Observer writes that the chain's "business-conversion plan" offers an easy way for bodega owners to cede their individuality and join up with the big boys?and the coming onslaught of 7-Elevens in down times "could be scar or balm" depending on one's love of re-heated taquitos. But it's not only corner stores that are in the crosshairs. Might 7-Eleven be going after Trader Joe's, too? Specifically the Trader Joe's wine store and its party-starting three-buck Chuck. 7-Eleven will be debuting its own brand of $3.99 wines in the Manhattan stores. Pairs nicely with the breakfast sausage quesadilla, we hear.
· 7-Eleven 100: Convenience Store Spreading, Vinifying [NYO]