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Parts Sold Separately at $35 Million Jane Street Property

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Palazzo Chupi broker Peter McCuen has created a website for 85-89 Jane Street, the piano warehouse and adjacent garage that recently hit the market for a combined $35 million. The warehouse was used as the sales office for Superior Ink, no stranger to West Village megasales, and the goal here is to find a mansion-hungry tycoon willing to run the Landmarks Preservation Commission gauntlet for any sort of significant alteration (or, yikes, demolition). But there are other options as well. In fact, the buildings are also being sold separately, with the 46' wide warehouse/townhouse asking $20 million, and the 64' wide garage building going for $15 million. The brokerspeak lists plenty of possibilities:

85 Jane: "85 Jane Street is a property upon which a spectacular single family residence can be created. In addition to its perfect location, the building stands only two stories tall where the adjacent townhouse to the East is 4 stories. Zoning provides for more floors subject to Landmark approval. Offered for the first time in over 25 years 85 Jane Street is a unique opportunity to create a 46’ wide residence with private parking or to potentially divide the building into two 23’ wide townhouses both with private parking!"

89 Jane: "89 Jane Street is a building upon which a spectacular residence of grand scale could be created and is also zoned for commercial use allowing for a variety of opportunities in one of the most highly desirable areas in the city. Zoning also provides for more floors and square footage subject to Landmark approval. Offered for the first time in over 25 years 89 Jane Street is a once in a life time opportunity to create a 64’ wide residence with private parking or potentially to divide the building into multiple residences all with private parking!

Will they be supersized or broken up into bite-size bits of luxury? Or not sold at all? Place your bets on the Far West Village market now.
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