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Finding Disappointment Behind the Copper on Avenue B

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We know the Copper Building has a zen-themed private garden, the power to erase Stuy Town, and windows that could be the East Village's answer to the Standard. But what do we really know about what's behind the EVill superhero's copper cladding? Blogger and Copper Building watchdog EV Grieve has played a round of rendering vs. reality with the listing pics for a studio and a one-bedroom. EV Grieve deems the real thing "dull and drab" compared to the renderings. And then there are those plastic panels over the windows, ruining East Villagers' fun.
· The Copper Building residences are looking rather...drab [EV Grieve]
· Listing: Copper Building [Manhattan Management Group]
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UPDATE: Um, so much for that. Turns out the pictures aren't from the Copper Building after all (and the listings are already off the Manhattan Management Group website). Curbed regrets the error and is glad to see that the building's windows remain unobstructed.

Copper Building

215 Avenue B, New York, NY