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Early Buyer at Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Got a Discount

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We've learned a lot about Jean Nouvel's Vision Machine while waiting for the sales stats to trickle in, like what some of those 1,700 windows look like on the inside, and the building's preferred mode of executing unruly members of the help. But the big mystery is the buyers and what they paid, and if their star wattage will be more blinding than the residents in 200 Eleventh Avenue just up the road, which has already snared fashion icon Domenico Dolce. New Observer real estate gossip Chloe Malle has finally unmasked one of the first to close in Nouvel's glass castle, and it's?pause for dramatic effect?Allan Schwartzman! Doesn't ring a bell? Schwartzman is a big-time contemporary art curator and consultant, and a deed filed Dec. 12 says he paid $3.78 million for #12A. Did he get a deal?

Let's dig up the Corcoran listing for #12A shall we? Ah, there she is. The apartment is a 3BR, 3.5BA unit about halfway up the building, coming in at 1,950 square feet. It was listed for $4.38 million, so Schwartzman was able to wrangle a 13.7% discount at some point in the process. Not quite the 20% to 30% dip that peak Manhattan prices have taken post-meltdown, but hey, we're talking about the latest and greatest starchitecture in town. Schwartzman still shelled out nearly $2,000 a square foot for his latest acquisition. That's one down at 100 Eleventh, 71 to go! Here's the #12A floorplan:

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