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Superior Ink Makes Bid for World Domination, Renters

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With all the noise being made up the river in West Chelsea with the new creations along Eleventh Avenue, a hush has fallen over Superior Ink, which is certainly vying for the title of Development of the Year. We don't think we need to be reminded about Superior Ink's greatness, but a well-informed building tipster doesn't agree:

Heard that yet ANOTHER multi, multi million dollar apt (not townhouse) closed yesterday at Superior Ink. This one in the $15 - 16 M range. And that's on top of the 8 or 9 other apts that already closed at prices OVER $11 M each. By my calculations and research, there'll be about 19 residential units that'll come in at $10M or higher - including the 7 townhouses - when all is said and done. Now come on, those numbers are way beyond incredible! Nearly every other new high-end development in the city today pales in comparison to this condo's ppsf and its insanely successful sales record.

Fine, it's a fucking blockbuster! But we're still waiting for the building likeness we've commissioned to be finished by our goldsmith, so before we begin sacrificing the oxen here's word of another new development in the Superiorverse: rentals! Five apartments have popped up for rent, per StreetEasy, though one appears to have already been claimed. The fanciest of the lot, asking $50,000-per-month, can be seen up top.

Here's the breakdown, from priciest to, well, cheapest isn't the right word:

1) $50,000: 5BR, 4.5BA, 3,234 square feet; "Intoxicating views."
2) $30,000: 3BR, 3.5BA, 2,169 square feet; Hudson and Statue of Libery views from all rooms.
3) $25,000: 3BR, 3BA, 2,264 square feet; West Village and Midtown views and some river action from the living room.
4) $9,500 (pictured): 1BR, 2BA, 1,117 square feet; damn trees blocking everything!
5) $8,400: 2BR, 2BA, 1,246 square feet; Village views but rented already so SORRY, chump.

So that's the current state of the West Village's very own 15 Central Park West, a state we would deem: Healthy.
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