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Frank Gehry Tells You To Take Your Starchitecture & Shove It!

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How long does it take to flip Frank Gehry's rage switch? Ten minutes or less. The Canadian-born, "owlish" architect loses his cool with a reporter from the British newspaper the Independent when he dares to use the s-word to Gehry's face. Hear Gehry roar! "I don't know who invented that fucking word 'starchitect.' In fact a journalist invented it, I think. I am not a 'star-chitect', I am an ar-chitect." The Gehrmeister also doesn't appreciate comments that his designs are over-the-top or socially irrelevant, thank you very much: "We are architects...We serve customers! I can't just decide myself what's being built. Someone decides what they want, then I work for them. Look, I went to city planning school at Harvard and I discovered that you never got to change a fucking thing or do anything." Sadly, the interviewer can't get Gehry raging on Atlantic Yards.
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