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Walter Cronkite's UN Plaza Co-op Almost Shows Itself

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After getting written up in the Observer and the Post, the 860-870 United Nations Plaza co-op owned by late news anchor Walter Cronkite has finally hit the market for $2.995 million. The online listing just popped up through broker Joanna Simon, Cronkite's companion in his later years and the sister of singer Carly Simon. There are no interior shots, but we do get to see the East River and Chrysler Building views that Uncle Walter so enjoyed, and the Trump World Tower views he did not. Simon told the Observer that a buyer may want to update the decor ("It has an early American look, and that's not very fashionable these days") and convert it back to a 4BR from a 2BR. These are Turtle Bay's power buildings, so the maintenance shouldn't shock: $4,741 per month.
· Listing: 870 United Nations Plaza [Fox Residential Group]