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Markowitz Leaves Team Renter for Windsor Terrace House

Attention Brooklyn: your borough president and perpetual tenant Marty Markowitz is no longer a renter. He and his wife are leaving their rental in Park Slope for a $1.45 million home (right) in Windsor Terrace. The mortgage was only $417,000, and the Daily News pressed the Beep on where he got the $1+ million he forked over for the down payment. He scraped together the funds from the sale of a Manhattan Beach home his wife inherited, the couple's savings, and a settlement Markowitz received in a slip-and-fall case, according to his spokesman. Seems on the up-and-up, right? Maybe not!

The Daily News also susses out that Markowitz used his chief of staff as a lawyer for the purchase. That might be a no-no according to city law, but Markowitz's argument is that the law only applies to attorneys who actually work for the city as attorneys, not chiefs of staff. The neighbors don't seem to care either way because they're too busy being excited about the perks of having the borough president just down the street: "It means we'll be plowed early and we'll have our garbage picked up," said one neighbor. Just hope Marty doesn't decide his front yard would be a good Plan B for this thing.
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