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Perry St. Penthouse is Latest West Village Stunner We Can't Have

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Take another West Village trophy property off your Christmas wish list, the heartbreaking work of staggering real estate porn that is 140 Perry Street's penthouse recently got the "in contract" stamp on its Elliman listing. This king of shifting square-footage had one Curbed reader speaking in tongues when it hit the market in November '08 for $19.5 million, the asking price that remained for all these many moons. The unit in the converted stable is actually two combined penthouses, and is described in its listing as "heroic" and "muscular." We'll be keeping an eye out to see how much the Incredible Hulk ended up selling for. In the meantime relive the magic in the gallery above.
· Listing: 140 Perry Street [Elliman]
· On the Market: The ZOMFG Penthouse at 140 Perry Street [Curbed]

Our Hero

140 Perry Street, New York, NY