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Hudson Square Garbage Garage Alternative Not Dead Yet?

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The Garbage Garage opponents of Tribeca and Hudson Square have been a bit silent following Mayor Bloomberg's backhanded apology for dropping a big stinkbomb in their backyard, but according to a year-end update from Hudson Rise, the grassroots, celeb-endorsed alternative design for the Department of Sanitation's garage is still kickin':

We have now been asked to reach out to our neighbors uptown to take their "fair share" of sanitation facilities, a necessary step to facilitating a two-district facility on Spring & Washington Streets. We have made some early progress involving Community Boards 4, 5 and 7 in these conversations.Will other neighborhoods be willing to take on some trash? Let's just say that James Gandolfini can be very persuasive. Check out DSNY's proposal for a look at a more severe garage design lacking essentials like an outdoor movie screen.
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