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Sandcastle Chopped, Madonna Looks at Extra House For the Help

The latest headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End...

1) The infamous Sandcastle, the Jonas Brothers' could have been summer rental from builder Joe Farrell, has been PriceChopped. It lost a swift $10 million before breakfast and is now asking $49.5 million. Farrell had previously said he wanted to live there with his family, but as the millions melt away, we're getting the feeling that may no longer be the case.

2) Madonna's buying spree might not have ended with her recent Wild Ocean Farm purchase. She's rumored to be looking at Shady Maple Farm down the street. But no, she doesn't want to live there -- she's thinking of it as a home for the help.

3) Southampton's early twentieth century Village Latch Inn is on the market, asking a surprisingly not-so-whopping $24.75 million for 67 rooms plus outbuildings. The zoning, which would allow a condo development, private estate, or seemingly endless other possibilities, makes it the perfect property for a buyer who has it in for the preservation nation.
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