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Twilight Director to Decide Who Gets Free Williamsburg Apartment

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Massive waterfront condo/rental/retail complex The Edge may be arriving late to the party when it comes to the Williamsburg housing market, but the developers' loss is one lucky starving artist's gain! Arts group Artists Wanted is currently holding a self-portrait competition, and any aspiring young art star would desire the grand prize package: a reception in his/her honor, a magazine feature and, yep, a Williamsburg apartment! One winner will receive "six months free living" at The Edge, or an oddly specific (and low-sounding?) $7,007 in cash. The panel of judges includes Steve Buscemi and director Chris Weitz (he knows Edward Cullen, gals!). Interesting, and despite what the anti-yuppiefication crowd says, it looks like there soon will be an artist left in Williamsburg.
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The Edge

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