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Closings Finally Get Rolling at Slowpoke 141 Fifth Avenue

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Included in a Real Deal story yesterday about luxury concierge services was this tasty bit of intel: move-ins have begun at 141 Fifth Avenue. Up to now, things at the building have moved at a glacial pace. But no longer! Two November sales have hit public record so far. Unit #11, also known as apartment 4C, sold for $3.15 million, and one of the buyers appears to be an executive vice president at E*Trade. Duplex unit 26/27, alias apartment 8AB, sold for $4,645,500 million. StreetEasy lists 14 additional apartments in contract and six still on the market asking between $1.875 million and $12 million. That includes the apartment we're all really keeping an eye on: the creamy cupola penthouse.
But since that hasn't sold, we did a little more sleuthing into what has. The listings for the sold 4C and 8AB are no longer online. Apartment 6AB's listing, though, is still alive and kicking, and we assume it has a similar floorplan to 8AB. In that case, this is what the buyers are moving into:

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141 Fifth Avenue

141 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY