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Everything There is to Know About the Fast-Approaching Trump Soho

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As the world counts down the hours until the Trump Soho condo-hotel opens its big bronze doors on February 1st, anticipation over Downtown's favorite all-glass menace is building. For us, anyway. Word from The Villager that Trump Soho will have a tiki bar only spun our bow ties even more, before the Village Voice's Fork in the Road blog rained on the parade and passed along word that it's just a regular ol' nightclub/lounge called Bazaar. The bar talk got us interested in what else Trump Soho has planned, so we snooped around and found the October press release detailing everything about the 391 rooms and 46 stories at 246 Spring Street, except, of course, for how many units are sold. The details have been floating around?including a bunch on the condo and hotel websites?but reading about all the Trumpilicious fun in one continuous screed is really the way to go, and it makes for good toilet paper for any Trump Soho hater willing to print it out. Win-win! It's a heavy read, so we picked out some favorite Trump Soho factoids.

1) The designbabble on the two-story lobby (above; interiors are by the Rockwell Group) makes it clear that the tower is sensitive to its surroundings, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation! Observe: "Whether day or night, a screen wall along the windows will modulate light and movement from outside on the street to change the mood of the space. Pompeii stone plinths around the columns add elemental intrigue with fire and water features. Jalo Sahara paving stones placed in an irregular pattern accentuate movement and echo the neighborhood's cobblestone streets, while patchwork hand-tufted wool area rugs will complement the soft blue of the columns."

2) The hotel boasts 10 two-bedroom penthouse suites?"more than any other hotel in New York"?with the biggest measuring in at 2,331 square feet. The Terrace Penthouse sounds like the best, a duplex with "expansive" outdoor space.

3) You may already be aware that furnishings are by Fendi Casa, but did you know there's a Trump® Pillow Menu? The guy is already an expert on rugs, so why not?

4) Some more details on the seventh-floor Pool Deck, which turns into a nightclub after the sun sets: "The blue Italian mosaic-lined pool will feature a cascading waterfall, along with three private cabanas, fountains and Bocce court, offering a relaxing atmosphere by day. At night, Bocce meets bottle service as Bar d'Eau becomes Downtown's hottest new destination – the ideal place to enjoy al fresco cocktails above the city streets." Just what the game of Bocce needed: glass bottles within hurling distance!

5) Didn't think the hotel's Hudson Square neighborhood would get a mention given all the pimping of the ritzier Soho name? Think again! One of the hotel's meeting rooms is called the Hudson Square Room, which "will showcase the neighborhood through 20-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows." Hudson Square, you've made it!

6) Much like The Standard's Boom Boom Room, the top-floor SoHi event space will have floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the city and the Hudson River. But Le Room de Boom is on the puny-in-comparison 18th floor of The Standard. Those SoHi views are going to be bonkers. Or in Trumpspeak, "Hoooge."

7) Miami's KNR is managing the restaurant and nightlife spaces, which interests us because one of the partners in KNR is Rony Seikaly, and we're suckers for 7-footers in short-shorts.

8) From the spa description: "Every moment of the spa journey caters to the individual guest's desires, expressed through his or her individually selected Trump® Personal Intention: Calm, Balance, Purify, Heal or Revitalize." Please, tell us, what's your Trump® Personal Intention telling you today?
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