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Harlem's New Metropolis Condos Come With Bamboo

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Location: 51 East 128th Street
Size: 13 one- and two-bedroom units
Prices: $350,000 to $465,000
Architect: Peter Wiederspahn
Developer: Claudia Weldon
Sales & Marketing: Halstead Property Development Marketing
Lowdown: Harlem's Metropolis condominium is the neighborhood's second Development Du Jour of the week. Sales launched yesterday at Metropolis, which bills itself as "eco-friendly and cost effective." The green features include a solar water heater, energy efficient windows, and LED lighting for building common areas. But humdrum, if ecologically friendly, utilities do not a Development Du Jour make! Each unit also has outdoor space, and some have private bamboo gardens. Yes, that's right, private bamboo gardens! Worth the $350,000 to $465,000 tax-abated trip uptown?
· Official website: Metropolis Condominium []
· Listings: Metropolis [Halstead]


51 East 128th Street, New York, NY


51 East 128th Street, New York, New York