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With Business Almost Settled at Burg's Mason Fisk, A Look at Sales

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When we peaked inside Williamsburg's hyped Mason Fisk, the condo conversion of an old industrial building at 72 Berry Street, closings in the sold-out sensation were just underway. Now, 24 of the 26 units have closed, so how did the building do? Let's exploit our StreetEasy Insider account and find out!

Mason Fisk lovers will point to the quick sell-through when everything else in Williamsburg was paralyzed as the building's ultimate success story. Mason Fisk haters will say, what, all that buzz and they couldn't get the full asking prices? According to StreetEasy's abacus the price-per-square-foot average comes out to $617. A new off-waterfront Williamsburg benchmark? Debate that while we eagerly await the first Mason Fisk resale. One 2BR unit, which was asking $4,900 per month, was already rented out.
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Mason Fisk

72 Berry Street, Brooklyn, New York