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Report Heads Uptown With Stuy Town Copycat Picks

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Right after the Stuy Town decision exploded over the city, we heard from the first wave of the estimated 75,000 tenants who may be affected by the Stuy Town ruling. But which building will be next?! A Deutsche Bank report released this week takes a look at buildings that meet the relevant criteria (1) commercial mortgage-backed securities, 2) J-51 tax abatements, 3) tenants with tempers) and comes up with a few contenders. The Upper West Side's Ansonia is one, the UWS's partially-condo Belnord is another, and the Upper East Side's Meyberry House, no stranger to financial woes, also makes the list. Our money's on the Ansonia, which already has iniquity, roaches, and teed off tenants. Just add legal fees!
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