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Megaprojects Mania: 7 Train Hits Milestone, Rezonings Galore!

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FAR WEST SIDE?Delays may be piling up at the Second Avenue Subway, but the 7 train extension project just completed its first phase! The big scary tunnel boring machine has reached the southern wall of the 34th Street cavern (photos of the break-through above!), the city and MTA announced. Part of the plan to populate the Hudson Yards megaproject when it eventually gets built, the 7 train extension will put a new station at 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue. Finally, quick passage from Times Square to the Javits Center! Not that we, uh, frequent those places. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FAR WEST SIDE?Speaking of Hudson Yards, the City Council approved the rezoning of the western half of the 26-acre property, now that a deal is in place between the city and Hudson Yards developer Related to preserve and create affordable housing in the area. The affordable housing plan consists of nearly 1,300 units in a mix of on-site and off-site locations, including 431 new rentals in Hudson Yards "as initially permanently affordable to New Yorkers earning up to 60 percent Area Median Income (AMI), or what is equal to an annual income of $46,100 for a family of four." The city is tossing in $40 million to create affordable housing units at properties, one at West 48th Street and Tenth Avenue and the other at West 54th Street and Ninth Avenue. Between this news and 7 train news, we're revising our Hudson Yards completion estimate to...June 23rd, 2130. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG/BED-STUY?The City Council wasn't just focused on Manhattan when it came to today's rezoning love. The ultra-controversial Broadway Triangle rezoning was also approved, setting the stage for thousands of new apartments (many of which will be affordable housing) and more civil war over who gets to live in them. [CurbedWire Inbox]

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