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London Terrace Gardens Tenants Can Breathe Easy, Won't Get Sued

A tipster passed along an update on Stuy Town copycat London Terrace Gardens, the Chelsea rental complex where 11 tenants have filed suit against their landlord. The argument, as at Stuy Town, is that the buildings' owners raised rents while receiving tax breaks for renovations, and that market-rate tenants should actually be rent-stabilized. While the lawsuit makes its leisurely way through the courts, the tenants are getting a minor Christmas miracle. According to a letter from the landlord's attorneys, the landlord has agreed not to bring any lawsuits against the tenants "based upon the expiration of a lease or month to month term or a non-payment proceeding." We're not fluent in lawyerbabble, so we checked with the tenants' attorney about whether this is really what it sounds like: an agreement that tenants won't be sued if they don't pay their rent. Well? The lawyers aren't sure yet, either. (The tenants' lawyer, William Gribben, tells us "it's actually an issue that we're kicking around the office right now.") As for what's next for London Terrace Gardens' rebel element, the legal teams are still in the early stages of the lawsuit and of settlement discussions.

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