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157 Hudson Street Apartment Made Tinier on Request

Given our curiosity about the old American Express stable building at 157 Hudson Street, we were intrigued to see a listing pop up for apartment 1A-ALT, priced lower than the also available unit 1A. The 5,500-square-foot 1A is asking $6.1 million, while the 4,500-square-foot 1A-ALT is asking $4.975 million. But why the options? We asked broker-blogger Douglas Heddings to enlighten us. He tells us that if a buyer only wants 4,500 square feet, at the same per square foot price, the sellers, who also own the neighboring apartment, will renovate the space to add the 1,000 extra square feet to their own unit. Sellers offering to downsize apartments rather than enlarge them: signs of the times?
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