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Grass is Greener at New Chunk of Hudson River Park

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A special Curbed correspondent rocks our West Chelsea world with the above reveal of a little under-construction portion of Hudson River Park called Chelsea Cove. Consulting our trusty Hudson River Park map, Chelsea Cove is the area around and including Pier 63 near the western end of 23rd Street, directly to the south of the already open and totally awesome Pier 64, which also falls under the Chelsea Cove banner. Pier 63 is scheduled to open this spring, and it's looking like all systems are go. So what are we looking at?

From a 2006 Villager story on Chelsea Cove:

The plans, by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, shown at a Nov. 8 event sponsored by Friends of Hudson River Park, include a central large "lawn bowl" sloping down from the shoreside Pier 63 and sloping up to plantings along the bikeway walkway. Part of the grass of the "lawn bowl" will actually be built on top of Pier 63. Where Pier 63 meets the shore there will be openings cut, allowing parkgoers to see and hear the Hudson River splashing against the shoreline.

A garden with seating, tables and winding paths will lead to the lawn and to Pier 62, which will include a skateboarding and inline skating area, a carousel and an open plaza at the end of the pier.

Equally mindblowing: That photo was taken from the Vision Machine. Folks, West Chelsea is Getting. It. Done.
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