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Bushwick Warehouse Turning Into Artists-Only Trailer Park

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First Bushwick had a tent city in a loft. Now it has the Nut Factory, a trailer park for a special few: Artists "who believe in the vision and are excited to contribute ideas, share knowledge, help organize, decorate and bring in others." There are currently six salvaged trailers parked in the 6,500-square-foot warehouse. In the spring they'll move outside and be joined by another 20 or so campers, in two rows with a "boardwalk-like street" down the middle. These deals on wheels rent for $590 per month, and all trailer renters get access to an indoor darkroom, recording studio, stage, gym and various workshops. (So far, three people have put down security deposits on the ~250-square-foot spaces, and one artist has begun moving into his camper, currently parked indoors.) There's no propane in the place, just space heaters and hot plates. And, says co-founder Hayden Cummings, they have standards: "We're not doing a reality show here." For that, there's still Tent City.
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