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A Bowery Building Cleans Up Amid Hopes of Downzoning

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There's a big strip of the Bowery that was left out last year when the City Planning Commission ruled to rezone much of the Lower East Side, but now some local commandos are hoping to remedy that. The Bowery Alliance of Neighbors (BAN) met with CPC this month to present a plan to protect the buildings along the east side of this once derelict but now booming boulevard. One old beauty at 215 Bowery has just dropped its netting after a full facelift. Now all buffed and polished, this one looks ready to carry the torch for preservation. From atop the refurbished cornice the many changes along the Bowery are clear. There's the hell-raising stack of the New Museum to the south north, Foster's floating elevator rising a block above that and the long-dead dig at the defunct FLAnk-designed green hotel project across the avenue. We'll see how this Old vs. New saga ends.
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215 Bowery, New York, NY