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A Field Trip to 1 World Trade Center, Hardhats Not Included

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

Things are looking up for the artist formerly known as the Freedom Tower. Way up. As controversy continues to swirl around the status of other World Trade Center towers, the steel for the project's centerpiece, One WTC, has reached?brace?the fifth floor. Okay, so architect David Childs's 1,776-foot middle finger to terrorism still has about 97 stories to go, we're still a little floored that there's any progress at all on the eternally delayed WTC rebuilding. (Developer Larry Silverstein's Tower 4 is also now out of the ground.) The goal for the first quarter of 2010 is to get 1 World Trade Center up to its 20th floor. The Port Authority recently invited us over for a construction tour, and how could we resist a chance to see the city's most extreme sandwich shop? Unfortunately the sky-high Subway wasn't hoisted into place until today, but we still got to see some cool stuff, including some serious progress on the 9/11 Memorial pools. Take a look.
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1 World Trade Center

200 Greenwich Street, New York, NY