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Two More Flippers Aim for Superior Returns in West Village

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More proof that West Village Bobby A.M. baby Superior Ink is the new 15 Central Park West: two more buyers are already trying to flip their newly purchased apartments. They're not quite in Leslie Alexander's real estate bust-defying league, but these days, we take our attempted flips where we can get 'em. The buyer who bought #3E in September for $4.25 million, or $2,634 per square foot, is going for a modest 10 percent mark-up, asking $4.95 million, or $3,068 per square foot. Seem tame? Here's something a little more daring: the buyers of #12A, who closed on their unit December 3 for $3.425 million or $2,376 per square foot, popped it back on the market today asking $4.75 million, or $3,296 per square foot. How does that stack up against the sponsor unit competition? According to Streeteasy's data, sales recorded so far have averaged $2,954 per square foot, and the listings currently on the market average $3,165 per square foot.
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