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120 Eleventh Ave Makes Tiny Chops in Cry for Attention

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In the shadow of Jean Nouvel's Vision Machine, 120 Eleventh Avenue has had some trouble getting traction on the sales front. Aside from Penthouse A, which is ambiguously off the market, there have been no takers yet for massive lofts in a former gay club and candy factory surrounded by starchitectural craziness. Which means it's time for the PriceChopper to enter stage left, carrying axe. 120 Eleventh has gotten chops across the board, ranging from six to 19 percent. It's the third or fourth chop since June, and these things do add up. Originally asking $4.2 million to $6 million, the building's prices have downshifted to between $3.5 million and $4.995 million, plus the $17 million Penthouse B. Better sales luck next year?
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120 Eleventh Avenue

120 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY 10011