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UES Art Gallery Takes Third Place in Priciest Listing Rankings

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Home-turned-art gallery 19 East 70th Street popped on the market today, for a possible return to its residential roots. And even a quiet Christmas Eve listing (yes, we see you, brokers, right through our computer screens) can't disguise the fact that, at $59.5 million, it's now the city's third most expensive property on the market, after Aby Rosen's townhouse and the penthouse at The Mark. The 1909 building still has its original staircase and terraces and could, unoriginally, stay as an art gallery. Or -- or! -- it could be "the most spectacular important private residence once again." It's entirely up to you.
· Listing: 19 East 70th Street [Sotheby's]

19 East 70th Street

19 East 70th Street, New York, New York