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Harlem's Hot Spot; The Witches of Eastbrook; Foreigners!

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1) Frederick Douglass Boulevard as Harlem's Gold Coast? The idea has been floated recently, and now the Times is on board, highlighting a wave of tail-end boom developments like The Douglass as proof that this stretch of Eighth Avenue is having a moment. (Circa '07 FDB Development-Map-o'-Outrage seen at right). But will these buildings sell? Prices have fallen sharply and the much-hyped luxury condo SOHA 118 is still a third empty two years after opening. Maybe it's a Bronze Coast for now. ["Momentum in South Harlem"]

2) Rarely do feuds between neighbors wind up in the papers when there's no celebrity involved, but the battle between a former board president and some residents at UES co-op The Eastbrook (333 East 75th Street) has gotten so ugly that the Post had to dive in. We've got allegations of illicit secret renovations, misuse of building funds, affairs, lawsuits and, we imagine, an upcoming Bravo reality show. There's a few apartments on the market if you want a closer look at all the madness. ["Call it Hatin' Place"/NYP]

3) Has the market for new developments bottomed out? "Clearly," Marketing Directors CEO Adrienne Albert tells the Times in a sit-down chat. She also says foreign buyers made up 50 percent of the agency's sales in September and October, "one of the highest percentages I've seen in the last 10 years." [Square Feet/The 30-Minute Interview]

4) Does the thought of frequent and unannounced mother-in-law drop-ins send a shiver up your spine? Then steer clear of this article, which points to always reliable anecdotal evidence that the trend of family members living within the same building is on the rise. Hey, big buildings are essentially vertical neighborhoods, so bumping into mom in the elevator shouldn't seem that weird. And yet, it does. ["When Mom is Just Floors Away"]

5) A progressive rabbinical student and his girlfriend go looking for a rental with outdoor space in that traditional Jewish homeland, Brooklyn. It comes down to a pair of Park Slopers, one with a shared backyard next to a synagogue, the other a duplex with a private backyard. Hey, he loves his people, but not enough to pass up a private party zone. [The Hunt/"Space for Friends, Outdoors and In"]

The Douglass Condominium

2110 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, New York, NY