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Curbed Cup 2009 Crash Matchup: Harlem vs. Williamsburg

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It's voting time in the annual Curbed Cup, our yearly award to the New York City neighborhood of the year. This year, four neighborhoods face off in the semi-finals, one round today and one round tomorrow, with the winners determined by reader vote.

Today's Matchup: Here, in the Brunt of the Crash Bracket, we're pairing the two neighborhoods that saw the best of the boom and the worst of the crash: Harlem and Williamsburg. Both saw developments—and prices—skyrocket, then crater; but in a year that was all about resiliency, they soldiered on. But which should advance to the finals of this year's Curbed Cup? The polls open now and close at noon tomorrow. Vote!

Poll results

· Real estate sales started the year with a 60-90% drop [Curbed]
· The real estate crash finally came for the townhouses [Curbed]
· That whole 125th Street renaissance? Yeah, not so much [Curbed]
· Like many before it, nabe tormented by American Apparel [Racked]
· Harlem offices of State Liquor Authority raided [Eater]

· When developers move out, squatters move in [Curbed]
· Warehouse 11 became the face of new development failure [Curbed]
· Naturally, the backlash to the Williamsburg backlash began [Curbed]
· And wait! A few developments are actually selling! [Curbed]
· Brooklyn Bowl opening merges bowling, fried chicken obsessions [Eater]
· Sure sign of nabe on the rebound: pharmacy wars! [Racked]

Stay tuned for the second semi-finals matchup in the good morrow.