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Introducing Curbed Cup 2009 to Name Neighborhood of the Year!

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Welcome to the sixth annual Curbed Cup, our yearly award to the New York City neighborhood of the year. In the last couple years, we've run big 16-neighborhood elimination tournaments, so this year we're stripping it down. Four neighborhoods face off in a semi-finals, one round today and one round tomorrow, with the winners determined by Curbed readers' votes squaring off in the finals, voting for which begins on New Year's Eve.

What makes a neighborhood Curbed Cup worthy? It's a nabe that saw the most happen in the realms of development (or, this year, the collapse thereof), new restaurants and retail, and the ineffable but real sense of where the action was in the past 12 months. Before we get to the first pairing, the previous Curbed Cup winners:

2008: Madison Square Park
2007: Long Island City
2006: West Harlem
2005: Prospect Heights
2004: Fort Greene

Buckle in, and may the best neighborhood take home this gorgeous fake trophy!
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