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Gramercy Park's Technicolor Townhouse Still Seeks A Buyer

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Despite lots of love from Curbed commenters, the Gramercy Park technicolor townhouse that belonged to designer Abbijane Schifrin has not sold after 45 days on the market. So the sellers have given the wacky 10-room property a 9 percent PriceChop, giving us a perfect excuse to rerun this photo gallery. The home's new ask: $7.995 million, down from $8.75 million.

We headed to StreetEasy to see if we could figure out whether the property, at $1,596/sf, qualifies as overpriced for the neighborhood. And the answer seems to be...not really. We found one two-story carriage house -- with zoning allowing for a six-story redevelopment -- at 155 East 35th Street asking $7.9 million. A couple condos with similar asking prices at 15 Union Square West and 57 Irving Place work out to be much pricier on a per square foot basis. And that's if it's even possible to put a price on Barbie's bedroom or that aquamarine bathroom.
· 141 East 19th Street [StreetEasy]
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141 East 19th Street

141 East 19th Street, New York, New York