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Not Everyone Thrilled About Preserving Carroll Gardens

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The city is thinking about enlarging the relatively meager Carroll Gardens Historic District, a move celebrated by many in the increasingly yuppified old-school Italian neighborhood that has been on a preservation kick of late. But not everyone is on board! Buildings within historic districts obviously face strict rules and regulations related to any sort of alteration, and some property owners don't appreciate the hit to their freedom (or property values, in some cases). Lost City spotted a flyer at a Court Street pizzeria for an anti-landmarking rally, and let's just say our history-obsessed amigo is not pleased.

This sort of unthinking, solipsistic myopia is, I believe, exactly the reason why beautiful, historic Carroll Gardens has has such a two-block-sliver of a Landmark District for so many years, while Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill have much larger districts—because some lunkheads don't want anyone telling them they can't uglify or mutate or tear down their classic, 150-year-old brownstone homes if it might fatten their wallet a little.He then goes on to criticize the sign's grammar. Damn it, Lost City, the anti-preservation revolution will not be proofread!
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