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Curbed Awards '09 Urban Planning: Parks, Plazas, Pow!

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As is our yearly tradition, it's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the most deserving and important people, places and things in the real estate, architecture and neighborhood universes of New York City! Yep, it's time for the Sixth Annual Curbed Awards!

Bestest High Line Controversies of the Year

3) Closes early on Halloween and Pride Day!
2) Cracks down on dude just trying to sell some art!
1) Oh no, a High Line Tax!! Er, maybe not.

As seen above, the definitive three best times to visit the High Line, with handy links to photo galleries of same: 3) In the Snow! 2) During the day! 1) At night!

Outlandish Urban Plan of the Year

This crazy gigantic multi-piered Greenpoint thing. Dizzy now. Must sit down. Please wake when this thing opens, in approximately never.

This Year's Newest, Craziest East River Rendering

Pier 35. Not bad, SHoP. Though the local community protesters might just have you beat.

Back to the Drawing Board Award
It was a year of stasis for the crumbling Hudson River hulk known fondly to soccer moms far and wide as Pier 40. With last year's visions of Vegas kaput, the folks managing the pier did the obvious, forming a committee "to come up with ideas." How exciting might this get in 2010, people? The Villager reports, "Some ideas that have reportedly been raised, so far, are generally in the nonglamorous, low-impact mold: a warehouse facility for paper products for local restaurants; and a telecom hotel to house Internet data centers and Web servers. The latter, though, was determined to be too heavy for the pier."
Runner-up: Moynihan Station. We believe! Stupidly!

Revenge of the Megaprojects!
5) Willets Point redo process garners tons (29!!) of interest from developers.
4) Atlantic Yards: "It's happening," says Ratner. Maybe we believe him this time!
3) Freedom Tower rises above street grade, and growing like a weed.
2) Hunters Point South project approved, artificial turf and all.
1) Coney Island land deal finally sealed; city now set to do its thing.

Revenge of the Revenge of the Megaprojects!
3) East 125th Street redevelopment-slash-renaissance stalls out.
2) Most of those starchitecty World Trade Center towers won't rise for years. Cue Plan B.
1) Columbia University slammed by eminent domain setback.

Gratuitous Photo of the Grand Stairway at the Still-in-the-Works-but- Looking-Pretty-Sharp Brooklyn Bridge Park

Also file under, 2010 can't get here soon enough.