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Curbed Cup '09 Buzz Matchup: Meatpacking vs. Upper West Side

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It's voting time in the annual Curbed Cup, our yearly award to the New York City neighborhood of the year. This year, four neighborhoods face off in the semi-finals, one round yesterday and one round today, with the winners determined by reader vote.

Today's Matchup: Following yesterday's matchup of neighborhoods that endured the worst of the crash—a battle handily won by Williamsburg—today our matchup concerns two neighborhoods that found themselves better off than ever in 2009. In the Meatpacking District, the High Line opening (and that of The Standard) were the headlines, while on the Upper West Side, a remade Lincoln Center opened for business, and an apartment at the Time Warner Center traded hands for, oh, $37.5 million. In these two neighborhoods, it was a year of buzz regained. But who moves on to the finals tomorrow? Vote!

Poll results

· The High Line opens! World peace is at hand! [Curbed]
· Standard Hotel opens! Humans unite, copulate in full public view! [Curbed]
· Another awesomely giant building will rise near the Standard! [Curbed]
· Also plotting a MePa arrival: The Whitney!
· A little place called THE BOOM BOOM ROOM opened [Eater]
· And pop-up stores just popped up everywhere [Racked]

· A revived Lincoln Center showed off its new look... [Curbed]
· ...Where Per Se's former sous chef wants to open a new restaurant [Eater]
· In a huge real estate deal, Time Warner pad sells for $37.5m [Curbed]
· ...Where more restaurants kept opening in the world's swankest food court [Eater]
· Further north, the massive new Columbus Square development also debuted [Curbed]
· Real estate drama a'plenty continued at The Apthorp [Curbed]
· And Apple did its thing for the neighborhood; fanboys rejoice [Racked]

Tomorrow: the finals between today's winner and Billyburg. Stay tuned.