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Not Everything Flying Off the Shelves at Superior Ink

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The Far West Village's new Robert A.M. Stern-designed limestone palace is the sales success story of '09, drawing comparisons to 2008's golden goose, 15 Central Park West. For this reason, we were shocked?shocked?to see StreetEasy's little downward arrow pop up recently next to a Superior Ink listing. A one-bedroom unit being rented out by its owner, which we covered in our roundup of Superior rentals, has had its price cut?twice! The 1,117-square foot apartment, with treetop and river views, was asking $10,750 per month. That fell to $9,500 in November, and last week it dipped again, to $9,000 a month. The price of Ink these days is still nothing to shake a Bic at, wouldn't you say?

· Listing: 400 West 12th Street [Elliman]