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Curbed Cup '09 FINALS: Meatpacking District vs. Williamsburg!

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It's voting time in the annual Curbed Cup, our yearly award to the New York City neighborhood of the year. This year, four neighborhoods faced off in the semi-finals. Here now, the finalists meet to determine the winner.

Finals Matchup: The vote for Neighborhood of the Year comes down to Buzz versus Bust. In yesterday's buzz bracket vote, the resurgent Meatpacking District held off the Upper West Side by the narrowest of margins (vote tally: 334-322). That puts MePa up against the bust bracket winner, Williamsburg, for all the glory. Highlights from each respective neighborhood this year can be found after the jump, but if you're ready, get your vote on. Voting closes at sunset on Sunday.

Poll results

· The High Line opens! World peace is at hand! [Curbed]
· Standard Hotel opens! Humans unite, copulate in full public view! [Curbed]
· Another awesomely giant building will rise near the Standard! [Curbed]
· Also plotting a MePa arrival: The Whitney!
· A little place called THE BOOM BOOM ROOM opened [Eater]
· And pop-up stores just popped up everywhere [Racked]

· When developers move out, squatters move in [Curbed]
· Warehouse 11 became the face of new development failure [Curbed]
· Naturally, the backlash to the Williamsburg backlash began [Curbed]
· And wait! A few developments are actually selling! [Curbed]
· Brooklyn Bowl opening merges bowling, fried chicken obsessions [Eater]
· Sure sign of nabe on the rebound: pharmacy wars! [Racked]