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Is Prospect Heights Brooklyn's Version of Jersey City?

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New Year's Eve is a time to settle all lingering arguments and debates, to wipe the slate clean and start fresh come January 1. And one Upper West Sider is trying to do just that with a particularly timeless struggle: Now that I have my 2.5 children, making Manhattan instantly incompatible, do I move to Brooklyn or Jersey City? In fact she has already chosen Brooklyn, but her other half is eying Jersey City, and so she takes to the Brooklynian message boards to seek help in a housing hunt and prove her hubby wrong. After listing their requirements (true 2BR, well kept building, dog friendly, signs of life within walking distance, less than $3,000 per month), she asks for neighborhood recommendations that are in the spirit of JC:

My husband and I are really torn because we have seen some properties in Jersey City which definitely fit the bill. There are tons of affordable, spacious, shiny, new apartments with washer/dryers, huge open floor plans, and short commute to work - and it's hard for me to argue with those features. While we both prefer Brooklyn to JC, JC has some selling points which are very good right now from a practicality standpoint. He's getting sick of hearing me complain about not wanting to move to JC, but not knowing where to go in Brooklyn. A friend told us to consider Prospect Heights b/c there are some newish buildings which might have the space and conveniences for which we are searching, but I don't know where to start.So, which river should they cross? And why not follow Stephen Colbert's lead and get their shorties private school educated in Connecticut?
· Desperately Wanting Brooklyn (Not NJ) [Brooklynian]