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Herald Square's Safety Vest Tower, McCarren Pool Breaking Ground

Photo by Will Femia.

MIDTOWN?Ever since a deal with labor unions cleared the way for the 47-story rise of Tower 111, it's been all systems go at Sixth Avenue and 32nd Street. Checking in on the current look of construction, it's clear the building won't be hit by any taxis at night while delivering pizzas. Restless is also amazed.

WILLIAMSBURG?To our friends in Williamsburg: It's finally happening. On Monday morning the Parks Department will hold a ground-breaking ceremony for the $50 million renovation of McCarren Pool (yep it's still on!). The abandoned pool turned concert venue was supposed to be a refreshing public pool again in 2011. Is that still the goal? We'll find out Monday. [CurbedWire Inbox]

885 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY