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Over-the-Top Fifth Avenue Oakfest Crazy Enough to Work?

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How did this "Fifth Avenue jewel box" escape our gaze for so long? It's been on and off the market since the summer of '07. No matter, it's here now, currently asking $2.995 million for its 2BRs, 2BAs and nearly 1,230 square feet at 923 Fifth Avenue. We're torn! While our gut says That's Rather Hideous, our heart says the "custom oak paneling, silk wall paper, baccarat door handles on solid oak paneled doors, 18th century fireplace and Saint Durand tiled bathroom" is a crazy enough package to inspire legions of fans. The fact that the apartment is in a post-war condo and not one of the gilded coffins lining Fifth Avenue may indicate that this is a parody of traditional Gold Coast living. After all, not everything in the building looks like this. So who's laughing with, and who's laughing at?

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