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Even Finished Parts of Ground Zero Rebuilding Are Screwed Up

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A mere three years old, Zuccotti Park?along Liberty Street off the southeast corner of the World Trade Center site?is already being ripped apart to correct some dastardly design deficiencies. Previously known as Liberty Plaza, this refurbished square was one of the first damaged bits of FiDi to be rebuilt after 9/11. The restoration was done by landlord Brookfield Properties to the tune of $8 million in private, not taxpayer, money. It included the installation of "nearly 500 thin, rectangular, in-ground fluorescent lights, specially designed to be water- and air-tight, as well as easily replaceable." Oh, if only life were as simple as a press release.

At first, the place was a real wet-n-wild Thriller, and the new look sort of gave a hint?in miniature?of the WTC Memorial planned across the street. But the electrics for the subsurface lighting have proven erratic, and to get to that problem the pavers had to come up. So for now, Zuccotti Park is a fragment of its former self, though the holiday spirit still shines through, as seen in the gallery above. E-mails to Brookfield, hoping for info on when we'll find Zuccotti fully refreshed, have gone unanswered.
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Zuccotti Park

135 Broadway, New York, NY