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Empty Nesters Find Fountain of Youth, Short Skirts in Williamsburg

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All the news today, it seems, is coming out of Williamsburg, and that's totally okay with us because the neighborhood has healing powers?of the soul. Williamsburg condos have replaced Harleys as the preferred mid-life crisis impulse buy, or so anecdotal evidence suggests to New York magazine's JhoRo, who dives deep into the phenomenon of old people picking up their Manhattan lives and moving across the bridge in search of good dining, nightlife and the spark of feeling young. Says one ex-Upper West Sider, "We were tired of being old???We want to be our inner selves again," adding, "The young women walk around in very revealing clothes." Maybe she'd feel more comfortable in South Williamsburg? Another woman of a certain age says her new home, 80 Metropolitan, "makes me want to be creative again." Have Williamsburg developers finally found that elusive core market? The Williamsburg Retirement Home does have a certain ring.
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