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Arrested Artist Plans to Challenge High Line Art Selling Rules

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The artist/vendor who has already been arrested for selling his artwork on the High Line plans to keep getting arrested until he makes his point. This time, activist artist Robert Lederman brought a video camera (and an also-arrested videographer) to his own arrest, and blog A Walk in the Park links to the resulting video of Lederman talking to Park Enforcement Patrol officers prior to the arrest (Lederman's second at the High Line and 43rd overall). In the video, Lederman brandishes a memo about artists' right to sell work in New York City parks and tells the officers he plans to sue. He also says he intentionally picked the widest spot of the High Line he could find, the 60-foot-wide Chelsea Market tunnel. So far, the Department of Parks and Recreation's only response to Lederman was a memo issued after his November 21 arrest: "The High Line can receive as many as 25,000 visitors on a busy day, walking along its long linear surface surrounded by fragile new plantings. Mr. Lederman and other vendors are able to ply their trade in hundreds of New York City Parks and on hundreds of miles of city streets." Looks like those fragile new plantings are about to have their day in court.
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