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Studio Apartment the Cheapest Way Into Gramercy Park?

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The red-brick 34 Gramercy Park East is one of those old-school, mysterious buildings that history buffs love. It's often referred to as NYC's first co-op, and it held on to its hydraulic elevator until the mid-'90s. But forget the past, the building is now offering something to the present: A key to the iron gates of Gramercy Park for under $350,000. There's a top-floor studio on the market in the building that looks pretty good for its 127-year-old age, even if the listing says, "Needs your TLC!" The listing also says it's the only studio apartment in the building, and the recent dip in asking price from $379,000 to $349,000 is a "HOLIDAY PRICE DROP - Owner says get the deal done!" Ruggles may be paying less for park access, but as far as humans go, this is as low as it gets. So how much would the studio be asking without that treasured key?
· Listing: 34 Gramercy Park East [Elliman]