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Renters Bailing on East Harlem for the Upper East Side?

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The NYT's weekend examination of the unintentional poetry of Craigslist Missed Connections postings included an example from East Harlem, where "two not-busted, decently smart, all-around super girls who moved to New York to work in publishing" attempted to seek out the "young, attractive, plaid-clad dudes" they've seen on the 103rd Street subway platform. The post was titled "to all east harlem hipsters." Usually the Missed Connections are little more than a shot in the dark, but maybe that's not the case in Spanish Harlem, where plaid-clad dudes are apparently a dying breed. According to a pair of brokers speaking to City Room, the rapid gentrification of SpaHa is slowing mightily.

Young go-getters who flocked to the neighborhood during the boom years for cheap rents are now looking elsewhere, according to Andre and Matthew Mauro, youngsters themselves at 27 and 23, respectively:

People are going back to the state where they're from or seeking out opportunities in other states. We're also losing people to other neighborhoods like the Upper East Side, where a one-bedroom has come down from $1,700 on average to $1,400.What does the Upper East Side have that East Harlem doesn't? Other than delicious and reliable food delivery. (The secret ingredient is racism!) According to the brothers Mauro, "The businesses that serve alcohol and food and have live performances in the neighborhood are suffering." But at least Target is on the way, and that's got hipster cred, right? We'll stay tuned to the Missed Connections to find out.
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photo via Rob Hoey/Flickr